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10 Most Difficult Dogs to Train

Having a dog at home is a dream for a lot of people. But with some breeds this dream can easily turn into a nightmare, once people get their shoes, walls and couches ruined or even get a dog bite or two. Check this list of notoriously difficult dogs to train before you decide which breed …

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These Vintage Ads Will Have You Looking Twice

What’s the main premise of an ad? To capture your attention and set the right image of the product in your head. But not every ad gets the “right image” part correctly and often bashes us over the head with over the top ideas and frightening images. These 30 vintage ad makers used stereotypes, graphic …

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Take A Look At The Luxurious Life Of Barron Trump

Being born in a rich family is one thing. But watching your father rise to the presidency is much more stressful. Yet it seems like Barron Trumps is handling his newly discovered fame just fine. He definitely has the lifestyle that keeps him worry-free. 25. His Dad’s a President-Elect That’s the most obvious one. Barron …

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This Alaskan Wild Wolf Is Man’s Best Friend

People don’t always know how to treat wild animals kindly. We cage them, fear them and even kill them for sport. The story of an Alaskan wild wolf named Romeo is a truly unique one as it shows that people and animals can live in peace. Although it doesn’t have the happy ending we were …

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20 Bewitched Facts You Won’t Believe

Ready for some nose-twitching and spell-making? It’s been a long time since Bewitched ruled TV land but with the Nicole Kidman-starring remake feature film and rumors of an actual reboot, we still feel the power of Samantha Stephens’ reign to this day. And while we’re at it, let’s learn some shocking facts about the beloved …

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You Won’t Believe How Much These Female Celebrities Make

Female celebrities like to state that their male counterparts usually get better salaries and enjoy easier lives in the shark-infested waters of the entertainment world. Yet some women go to great lengths and become world-renowned millionaires, like these 30 celebrities. Most men only wish they had at least half of their net worth. 30. Kelly …

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20 Makeup Tips All Older Women Should Know

Beauty knows no age limits. But it does know a lot of healthy tricks to add an extra pop to your makeup and ease your daily beauty routine. Use these 20 tips to enhance your look and save some money in the process. 20. White Eyeshadow Base Tired of your statement color eye shadow failing …

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25 Facts About ‘Married With Children’ You Never Knew

Do you miss Al, Peggy, Bud and Kelly as much as we do? No other TV family came that close to being as dysfunctional and hilarious as The Bundys. That’s why we still love to re-watch all of Married With Children‘s 11 seasons and discover behind-the-scenes facts and inside jokes every time. 25. No More …

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