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You Won’t Believe What They Did to These Old Planes

When was the last time you felt “fly like a G6”? We’re sure it wasn’t during any of those emotionally draining overcrowded flights. So if you’re looking for a real one-of-a-kind experience, we advise you to check out these amazing creations, none of which could be made without old airplanes. This retired Boeing 737-200 was …

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17 Reasons You Should Start Eating Cheese Right Now

What’s that about cheese that makes everyone go crazy? Some like to blame it for obesity, while others can’t have a single meal without at least one piece of the delicious dairy product. If you’re in the latter, you’re in luck: we’ve found 17 reasons to keep on spoiling yourself with cheese, guilt free (because …

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We Have Proof That Beer is Actually Good For You

Beer always gets a bad rep all around the world. People blame it for causing alcoholism, making their “beer bellies” grow and generally ruining their lives. While the consumption of any alcohol should be moderate and adequate at all times, we would like to use this opportunity to share some shocking facts about beer. All …

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15 Real-Life Evil Children Straight Out of a Horror Movie

Kids are usually off-limits when it comes to horror movies: killing a child on screen is considered a big taboo. But the villainous children are completely different story. Filmmakers love to show us possessed or plain evil kids whether it’s The Omen or Children of the Corn. But these 15 real-life stories put any fictional …

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50 Awkward Family Photos That Will Make You Cringe

We got them, you got them, everyone’s got them: the god-awful family photos you’d rather nobody ever saw. But for these 50 unlucky families, their far-from-glorious moments got splashed all over the Web. Take a cringe-worthy look below. 50. Always On My Mind This family obviously has a soft spot for sci-fi flicks since their …

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These Ads Got Serious Backlash in 2016

Making a successful ad is hard. You have to attract attention, be original and not offend anyone. While the first two are more or less easy, the third condition proved to be extra hard for the companies on our list of the most shameful ads of 2016. 14. Flashy CK Fashion ads are notoriously daring …

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30 Treehouses That Will Make Your Childhood Dreams Come True

Let’s be honest, we were all envious of those kids who had a treehouse — a place of refuge and wonderment — but we bet none of them had suspended wooden fixtures quite as cool as these. Take a look at these breathtaking treehouses and let childhood nostalgia wash over you. 30. Multi-Level House Not …

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25 Kim Kardashian Outfits That Caused a Scene

Kim Kardashian is a pro when it comes to “breaking the Internet,” but she doesn’t always get praise for her risky fashion choices. Let’s take a look at some of her most questionable wardrobe choices. 25. Tube Dress Sorry, Kim, it’s a pass. This dress looks like one big stocking. 24. MILF Way Is this …

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