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20 Men Who Fell Under the Kardashian Spell

The Kardashian/Jenner clan made a name for itself by playing the media game perfectly well and feeding the tabloids exactly what they want: sex, glamour, drama and all kinds of scandals. And none of this could be possible without the help of the men who chose to stand by these women’s curvy sides during different …

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50 Strangest Products Ever Created

Think you have way too many useless things inside your Amazon shopping cart? Take a look at this list and think again — there are much more crazy inventions you can buy to secure your lunatic status. 50. Barefoot Shoes Concealed barefoot shoes for some stylish beach-loving spy? We assume it’s good for letting your …

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These Celebrities Are Still Getting Paid, Even Though They’re Dead

All the celebrities on this list left a lot behind: their work, their fanbase and their enormous net worth, too. There’s so much power in their names that their wealth just keeps on growing, even after their deaths. 40. Muhammad Ali The famous boxer may have died this year, but his name still makes money. …

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25 Rollercoasters That Will Make You Scream Like a Little Girl

Buckle up and say bye-bye to your lunch — you’re about to experience 25 of the craziest roller coasters in the world. You’ve been warned. 25. Kingda Ka This gravity-defying roller coaster awaits all the thrill-seekers at Six Flags Great Adventure park in Jackson, New Jersey. The vertical railway already makes us nervous. ADVERTISEMENT 24. …

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How This Old Man Breaks Giant Boulders in Half Will Leave You Speechless

We love to associate strength with muscles and seem to go by the “the bigger the better” philosophy. But that’s not always right. True strength comes from experience and wisdom, and nothing is more logical than craftsmanship. You need to have perfect knowledge of how things work and how to make the things work in …

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20 Places You’ll Want to Live to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies are all the rage in pop culture right now with shows like The Walking Dead and recent elections. And unlike, say, vampires or werewolves, the idea of people-turned-monsters looks much more realistic and frightening. That’s why we’ve already begun looking for a potential safe haven to survive the outbreak. We’re also generous enough to …

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45 Man Caves That Will Put Yours to Shame

What did you do with your basement? Please don’t tell us you left it to die the slow death, stuffed with dust and even dustier things you don’t need. Time to take some ideas from these breath-taking designs and re-think your underground castle. 45. Lights Up This luxurious basement is not only bright but also …

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30 Lucky People Who Cheated Death

If the Final Destination franchise taught us anything, it’s that death comes in all shapes and forms. But it wasn’t time to go for these 30 super lucky people who all magically escaped death and even shared the recordings of the freak accidents. Let’s take a look… 30. Rogue One Staying in your lane never …

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